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Peach loves Pistachio. Pistachio loves Peach. Maureen loves Alex. Alex loves Maureen. Maureen loves weddings and events and pretty paper and ephemera and details that remind her of beautiful moments. Stone fruits have a hard pit. Sometimes the pit is surrounded by flesh, which is soft and edible- as in a peach. Sometimes the pit provides the food, but is surrounded by a hard shell- as in a pistachio. Alex learned about stone fruits while working on a farm when he first met Maureen. He shared the story of these diverse fruits, some of which keep their sweet, soft fruit right at the surface and others, which hide their reward under a hard shell. Alex was sharing his knowledge of produce, but Maureen heard an analogy for the pair of them. He, a pistachio, with a tough exterior but underneath, a special, flavorful, nutty surprise. She, a peach, vulnerable and soft, bearing it all, but with a tough pit that the patient lover of the sweet peach would discover in time. This is a love story, of two people who were lucky to find each other, and of a woman, who fell in love with love and with capturing a tiny piece of its pretty colors on paper.

Maureen found her way to special event stationery design by way of an education in graphic design and through her work as a wedding planner and floral designer. Her past experience at Bella and Co. Weddings and Events inspired an appreciation for event design and a particular interest in the details that make an event personal and memorable. A love for flowers and the natural world inspires much of her work. She lives in Rochester, New York with her husband, Alex, who makes moving pictures at Floating Home Films, and their cat, Zola. When she’s not creating custom stationery suites at Stone Fruit. Maureen spends some days working with flowers at Stacy K Floral. Send her an email at or fill out the form on the Contact page.

Photos by Alixann Loosle Photography, from when Peach and Pistachio made it official.



Credited as Maureen Higgins