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Olive Fine Weddings

The Photo Shoot

To help launch my dear friend Olivia Nicoletti's wedding planning business, Olive Fine Weddings & Events, she called on me to design her logo and to style a photo shoot to showcase the style of the brand. When I set out to design the scene and stationery, I started by imagining the quintessential Olive bride. She’s classic (a little understated) but elegant and stylish. She may live in an urban loft, but upon a visit to Greece with her Love, she’d collect a piece of olive branch that she’ll carry home because she’s sentimental. She dresses in modern clothes, but wears heirloom jewelry to remind her where she came from. (Olivia, classic and sentimental herself, borrowed her husband’s wedding band for our groom and brought her Grandmother’s jewelry to adorn our bride.) The vision of the bride’s olive branch memento inspired the stationery. I wanted the paper goods to feel like new heirlooms that the bride and groom would want to pull out of a box to hold and admire on anniversaries. To give the pieces this feel, I created cyanotypes from a piece of real olive branch, a process that’s done by laying an object on a piece of photosensitive paper and leaving it out in the sun - somewhat of a challenge in the grey Rochester winter! I combined the cyanotypes with delicate pen and ink drawings of olive branches that I drew during the creation of the logo for Olive Fine Weddings. Vellum overlays, green-gray envelopes, and vintage stamps rounded out the paper goods to create texture and depth that can be seen and felt through the images. Read and see more at:

The Goods

For the shoot, I styled the table and backdrop and completed the look with place cards, save the dates, invitations, dinner menus, a bar sign, and a fabric flag.